General Rules and Regulations

The Balsa Busters R/C Flying Club has established a set of Safety rules for the use of flying sites by club members and guests. Many of the rules have been recommended by the AMA and are necessary to maintain a safe environment for pilots as well as spectators and other visitors to the site. We ask that everyone at the site obey the rules so that our modeling activities remain accident free. Your cooperation is appreciated and respected.


Flying site rules apply to all flying sites and other such sites at which the club may choose to conduct its activities, including flying demonstrations and visiting other fields as a representative of the club.

Flying Site Rules

1.    Member Conduct

a.    These rules apply to all members at the field, or any location or function the members are there representing the club.

b.    All members are expected to act in a manner that does not put the club at risk or cause loss of membership.

c.    Any form of assault, or battery by definition which also includes verbal abuse, taunting, threats or physical violence attempted or actual, towards members or visitors will not be tolerated; any member(s) involved in these actions will be terminated at the direction of the Club Officers.

d.    Club Officers will meet and determine the action the club will take for these offenses.  All decisions made at that meeting are final.

e.    The member(s) that were involved will be notified of the decision made at the Officers meeting, either verbally or written communications.

f.     If a member is suspended or terminated NO dues will be refunded and said member(s) will not be permitted at the club field or any club function during the suspension or termination period.

g.    At anytime the Club Officers feel any member is becoming a liability to the club or said member is causing loss of membership due to his/her actions, the club officers can make the determination to bring action towards that member.


2. Use of club facilities is limited to AMA members invited to participate in club contests, club members and guests of club members.

Guests must qualify as follows:

a.    Guests, due to insurance regulations, must show proof of current AMA membership and must be accompanied by a club member. Out of town guests may use the facilities for a total of three weeks per calendar year and are considered to be those visiting from outside of Clearfield and Jefferson County. Other guests may use the field three times before applying for membership.

b.    The host member is responsible for informing the guest of flying site rules.

c.    Non-participating guests are to remain clear of the flight line and pit areas.

d.    Club members are NOT to give the guest a key to the club locks if applicable.

3. Pilots must display on their person proof of AMA membership.


4. Club members and/or guests are not to rearrange the flying site facilities or the surrounding natural habitat without prior approval of the clubs officers.


5. Pilots must obey the Official AMA “Safety Code". Particular attention is drawn to rule number 7.


6. All radio equipment must be FCC type approved and operated according to FCC regulations, including licensing where required (i.e., 6-meter ham band).


7. Frequency Control is always in effect:

a.    For 72 MHz, place your card in the frequency slot...

b.    Remove your card from the frequency slot when finished flying.

8. While flying...

a.    Pilot must stand behind the designated flight line.

b.    Pilot must remain on the flight line with radio equipment in hand while in flight.

c.    The operator of a radio-controlled model aircraft shall control it during the entire flight, maintaining visual contact without enhancement other than by corrective lenses that are prescribed for the pilot.

d.    FPV (First Person View) flight requires a spotter.

9. Engines, etc...

a.    All engines must meet the noise level requirement of the flying site where it is being flown.

b.    No full-power engine run-ups are permitted in the pits. Engine run-ups are to take place at the flight station with the airplane's nose headed towards the runway, or at a designated run-up area. The aircraft should be physically restrained.

c.    All planes & helicopters will be started and tuned at a designated area away from the pavilion.  No planes should be started or engine ran up in the pavilion area nor shall they be taxied to or from the pavilion to the flight line

10. At no time will prop blast be directed at another model or person.


11. Flight operations...

a.    Flying over, near or to the rear of the flight line, pits or social areas is strictly prohibited.

b.    Under no circumstances is flying over any public road permitted.

c.    Acrobatics are to be performed beyond the runways outer edge and beyond the pit/flight stations if on takeoff.

d.    Take-offs must be started after the aircraft has taxied out of the designated taxi area and has reached the confines of the runway and must be announced. Flight instructors must assist those who persist in rolling across the sidelines.

e.    Hand launches must be made in a direction away from the pits and social areas and must be from a runway clear of people and planes.

f.     Dead stick landings always have the right of way and must be announced.

g.    Landings have the right of way over take-off and must be announced.

h.    Before going onto the runway, announce your intentions and watch for model aircraft, which have the right of way.

i.      The flight line shall be maintained and observed at all times, and no member should cross the flight line unless they are retrieving r/c equipment.  Any member that crosses the flight line shall make his/her intentions known to other pilot before crossing flight line.  All members that cross the flight line must understand that once on the field the planes have the right of way.  Once you state your intentions make your way to your equipment and get off the closest exit possible.  Don’t attempt to work on or start your equipment while in the flying field.

12. New members with supposed flying experience shall be required to have a flight check out by an experienced flyer. Other members under flight instruction shall be requiring a buddy box/instructor until they pass their solo flight proficiency check.


13. Due to AMA Insurance regulations, lack of compliance with any of the above rules is cause for immediate grounding of the offending pilot until the problem is corrected.


14. It is the responsibility off ALL CLUB MEMBERS to OBEY the rules. Repeating offenses must be brought to the attention of the club officers.


15. Infractions of any rule may result in the Club Officers suspending, terminating or revoking any or all privileges and club membership.


16. The club facilities shall at all times be kept clean of trash and litter.


17. The flying site rules may be changed by amendment. The proposed amendment shall be read at a regular monthly meeting and shall be voted upon. The proposed amendment shall be accepted by two thirds of the members present and voting at said meeting.


18. Parking, All parking at the field should be behind the pavilion in the designated parking area except for trailers.  Trailers can be parked 30-40 feet on either  side of the pavilion and the end of the trailer should not extend past the pavilion back half of frame.


19. Cohabitation with Wildlife – No club member, AMA member or training student shall intentionally fly or chase wildlife. 


20. All site flying rules and AMA Safety Code rules are to be posted at the club