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Next Club Meeting

October 3, 2023


6:00 PM:  Meeting called to order.


Bruce Yeckley President Brian Uveges

Ronnie London Safety Officer Bill Kesterholt

Enrique Cruz Field Marshal Don Jamison

John Brooks Secretary Jeff Krimer

Jason Wells Vice President Don McBride

Larry Baun Treasurer  

The minutes from the August meeting were read by the Secretary.

Old Business

Fria status still unresolved.

NEW Business

Don Jamison moved and Larry seconded to hold off on the Fall Club Picnic until F R I A is resolved.

Don Jamison needs to be reimbursed for internet cost.

Nominations were presented for the 2024 club officers

Bill Kesterholt nominated Bruce Yeckley for President. Seconded by Don McBride.

John Brooks nominated Jason Wells for Vice President. Seconded by Bill Kesterholt.

Bruce Yeckley nominated Enrique Cruz for Field Marshal. Seconded by Bill Kesterholt.

Bruce Yeckley nominated John Brook for Secretary. Seconded by Enrique Cruz.

John Brooks nominated Ronnie London for Safety Officer. Seconded by Bruce Yeckley.

Bruce Yeckley nominated Larry Baun for Treasurer. Seconded by Bill Kesterholt.

The treasurers Report was given by the Treasurer.

6:30 John Brooks moved to adjourn, seconded by Bill Kesterholt. Meeting adjourned.







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If you are interested in getting started in the hobby or getting back into R/C flying, please contact one of our club officers or any member and they will be happy to help out in anyway.





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